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The Business of Hospitality

Why entertain your clients ?

The bottom line is. It works. Companies all over the world since the days of the Roman Empire have recognised the importance in developing and nurturing key business relationships. FaceTime with key stakeholders or a reward to staff members are key business priorities. Corporate Hospitality is just another marketing tool to deliver on these core objectives. 

Corporate Hospitality

Companies invest thousands of euro in corporate entertainment programmes and activities. Like so many other spends and investments, the questions often asked is “what return on investment are we generating from this expenditure ?” People quite often have contrasting views about corporate entertainment, some viewing it as an unnecessary expense and others realising it is just good business.

• Hospitality Product

• Experiential Lounges

• Staffing

• Meet & Greet Staff

• Guest Registration

• Catering Management

• Sales Management

Good Business.

When managed well, corporate entertainment is a powerful tool and can be effectively used to create networking opportunities and develop and cement business relationships. It is an effective activity used to achieve certain business and strategic outcomes.

Our dedicated division, CSL Hospitality is Ireland’s leading specialist in corporate entertainment with access to the very best hospitality product at home or abroad. We have created unique matchday experiential hospitality lounges and hospitality experiences at some of the biggest sporting and cultural occasions in Ireland. Including the Three Players Lounge at the FAI Internationals, Leinster Rugby’s Hospitality Lounge at the Aviva and the RDS, The Three Rugby Lounge at Irish Rugby Internationals and many more.

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