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CSL Hospitality & CSL Events

CSL Hospitality.

Ireland's leading corporate hospitality company. 

CSL Events.

An award winning event agency. Bringing ideas, messages, campaigns to life through live events.


Corporate Hospitality Packages


Entertainment Programme

At home or Abroad

CSL Hospitality is an award winning corporate hospitality company specialising in the sales and management of dedicated Corporate Hospitality and Entertainment packages for the corporate sector in Ireland.

Developing and Managing a complete entertainment programme

While sporting matches play a very important role and mix, more and more clients are looking for alternative solutions to their entertainment needs. Working with Clients, CSL can not only create and develop tailored programmes that track and monitor result but also have that built in compliance and business case to ensure that companies can stand over the entertainment that they do.

Old Globe

Incentive Travel


Other areas in Events

Travel and Invcentives

CSL as a bonded and licensed travel agent licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, offer not only corporate trips and packages to sporting and hospitality events across the globe but can also create a full incentive trip.
Travel is the best incentive reward because the prospect of earning a trip to an exciting destination is proven to greatly motivate people. In today’s competitive environment, we believe that the true value of an incentive trips is far more than the sum of its monetary value. A good trip is not quickly forgotten and is proven to help increase morale, build team spirit, improve loyalty and also provides quality time for management to network with top performers.

CSL Events

Through our dedicated Event Agency division, CSL Events we connect brands and people through memorable marketing experiences. Live events that deliver truly unique experiences and allow your brand and your organisation tell their story, through creatively executed event experiences.
CSL established in 1988 have been delivering event solutions to the Irish marketplace for over 30 years. We offer our clients a turnkey service and can work as part of a cross-functional agency team to deliver for your brand.
Don’t trust your event to just anybody. Trust our experienced team to bring your story to life.

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